Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fake Doctors Note Template, Doctor Notes For Free

Fake Dr Note / Fake Dr Notes

Are you curious about fake doctor note and how that work?

Looking for a free fake doctors excuse or doctor notes for free?

Well this is a must read for you.

There are bunch of free fake or phony printable doctor notes and templates to be found on this site. There are the simple ones that look very simple and normally sell for real cheap. They often are grainy and not very good quality, when printed. The higher priced ones are for the most part, a little better but there is no real way to tell these from a lot of the cheaper ones. Some sites charge a higher price in order to mislead you. Most people subconsciously think if you pay more you will get a better product. Well this is most often not the case; you pay for the overhead or the advertising. If everywhere you look you find the same site, it is probaly well known to all the schools too. And what ever you do, never get the cheapest, they are real cheap for a reason.

This one is not free, but it is the best, and its is the only one that has a verification and a return to work notation included. The price is about mid range and well worth it. 

They are the gold standard!
Keep the window open, you'll be back.

This one is okay but to easy to disprove, way to specific for my taste.
Click here.

Here is one but what about the facility information, what if your employer or school wants to call, then what? .
Click here This sample is to small for you to print, but why would you want to?

Some are clearly made on a home computer- No comment. If this is the free legal advice, I pray for their customers. From the Doctors Note Store (again).

Some try to hard, this one would get you in more trouble, to complicated.Click here
This is defiantly a bad idea and from a, so called, fake doctors note store. Notice all the blanks too.


Phoney certificate of excused absence for FREE

The problem is, they are fake. They look fake and can not be verified.
There is hope however. You can go to a real doctor and fake your symptoms to get a real medical excuse but this will cost you. If you go to a legitimate doctors office the dates will often be wrong however.

The solution would be a website that had their own medical certificate for excused absence. This way the excuse would be verifiable no matter your location or ailment.
Well there is such a site and it is the only verifiable fake doctor’s note in existence.
They have been around for years and they are real. This note is accessible to real doctors, meaning real doctors can use the same exact medical excuse note. You can’t go wrong.
Here is the best kept secret in printable fake phony doctors’ excuse notes.              In business since 2002 "TeamAmeriDream"

Check this out, they count this as two, imagine that. This one has no cohesion, its looks pieced together. No professor, teacher or employer would excuse you if you submitted this Dr note. Click here


Want more free phony or fake medical excuse notes or templates, here you go.

This one screams fake & its off center.
Click here.

This one is way to complicated, you would need a doctorate just to fill it out.
Click here. 

This one looks like a middle school student make it in computer class when the teacher wasn’t looking. He had to rush before the bell rang and classes changed.
 Click here.

I can save you a lot of trouble, this is the one you are looking for.

Not even sure what this is, sorry its not a better copy, but you and I both can still easily tell this would not be good for school or work (or even play time). To much information to be filed in. 

The logo is terrible on this one, you could change the logo but if you would do that, you would probably make a better one your self, it wouldn’t be hard. 

Here is another ill one, it’s so off center and poor, it needs to be excused.

To much editing for this phony medical note, it is missing the mark.

  To simple and boxy, this one needs a sick day its self.
 Click here
This one is for a parent or guardian to excuse their child from school. A typical parent would just write a short note, they would us a form. The only good thing is that there would be less writing than if you use a note explaining the illness and reason for the absence. Please do not use this one kids. Click here.

Like I said in the beginning, Click here for the real fake doctors note and save yourself a lot of trouble.

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